by Kerry Shook

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Lady In Waiting (2 of 2)
Series: Boys and Girls
Pastor Kerry Shook

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Miss Understood

Miss Information

Miss Treated

• 1 Cor. 13:12 (LB)

When a Woman Looks Into God's Mirror

1. She Sees Her True Beauty

• The Beauty of her uniqueness

• Psalm 139:14 (LB)

• The Beauty of her character

• 2 Cor. 3:18 (LB)


Recently I took my kids to the Crawfish Festival in Spring. Now, we had never been to the Crawfish Festival in Spring and if you have never been to the Crawfish Festival in Spring, Texas - let me just put it this way - it's not Disney World. It's not Astro World, but it's the Crawfish Festival and it was great. We loved it. Now, what I didn't know is that at the Crawfish Festival they have all of these amusement park rides and when my kids saw that they got so excited. "Daddy, can we ride these rides?" I said, "Well, why not." Now some of the rides went upside down, some of the rides spun around in a circle a hundred miles an hour. It was wild. All of these rides and then it just hit me, wait a minute, these rides weren't here a couple of days ago. These rides have just been set up in the last couple of days and the guys who probably assembled these rides were not mechanical engineers and probably didn't work for OSHA. These rides have been set up and taken down hundreds of times because they were all beaten up and all rusted out. My ten year old daughter, Megan, she looked at one of the rides and she said, "I want to go on that ride, daddy, will you go with me on that ride?" The ride that she pointed to was a ride that had all these little buckets that could seat two people that were attached to the ride and it would spin around faster then you could imagine. I said, "Megan, we just ate, can we choose another ride?" She said, "No, daddy, I want to go on that ride." I thought, well, at least the good news for Megan is that this ride here won't last here very long and that's the good news for me. These rides never last very long, they are always over before they even get started. We got on the ride, there was no buckle to buckle in and we sat in a little bucket. Megan was looking at me so excited and all I was doing was looking at the pin that was in the hole that connected the bucket to the rest of the ride and it was all rusted out. I couldn't believe that I was actually getting on this ride. It started up and started spinning around and it was going so fast that I got dizzy right away. I just kept looking straight ahead at the bucket in front of me just trying to keep from throwing up. Now, it didn't say the name of the ride or I can't remember the name of the ride, but I'll just refer to it from here on out as The Hurl Machine because basically that's what it was.
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