by Stan Coffey

Graduation Guidance for Students
Stan Coffey
Proverbs 3:5-7

First I want to congratulate our high school seniors as well as our college seniors for hanging in there and attaining your degree. This shows that you have determination, discipline, and dedication. I also want to congratulate the parents of our seniors as well. Without you, their graduation could not have been possible. Your encouragement to your students has paid off big time and you should be so proud today.

Students, your church stands with you today. We pray for success in the next step you will take in your life. I want to speak to our graduates today and hopefully these principles will help and encourage all of us in this service today.

If you have your Bibles this morning, I want you to turn to Proverbs, chapter 3. The wisest man in all the Old Testament wrote the book of Proverbs, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit is Solomon. We are in that season once again where students are going back to school and I wanted to preach a special message especially for our students.

Our graduates begin a new chapter in their life today. I believe the greatest advice I could give you comes from the words of Solomon, the wisest and most successful man in the Old Testament.

Today, we are always looking for the place to get the right kind of advice. I noticed that on television, they just had an unbelievable amount of advertisement for those who would give investment advice. They have the Physic Hotline for those seeking advice for their life. Then they have all kinds of shows that tell you how to garden and how to sew and how to cook and how to do this and that and the other. People are looking for advice.

I want to tell you the greatest advice that you can find is in the Word of God. Just think about getting advice from the wisest man in the Old Testament. His name was Solomon, a very wealthy man, a man who knew how to invest, knew how to govern, who knew how to run businesses. Here's a m ...

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