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Be Born in Me (2 of 16)
Series: Covered in Dust
Jeff Lynn
Luke 1:26-38

We are only two days away from Christmas, where we celebrate the birth of our Savior.

While tomorrow evening at our Christmas Eve services we will look at an event surrounding the birth of Christ, this morning we are looking at the announcement of the birth of Jesus to Mary.

I'm certain that most of us have heard this story many times.
But, again, this morning, will you be open to God speaking something fresh to you.

While Matthew's gospel addresses the story of Jesus' birth from Joseph's perspective, Luke addresses this narrative from Mary's perspective.

TEXT: Luke 1:26-38

Let's not confuse the miraculous conception of Jesus with what some have termed The Immaculate Conception.

The Immaculate Conception is a Roman Catholic belief that Mary was born without original sin.
The word "immaculate" means "free from blemish or stain".

They believe that in order to bear the Christ-child that she had to be sinless herself.
But that concept is nowhere in Scripture.
Mary was in as much of need of a Savior as you and I.
In fact, in the prayer of thanksgiving that she offers that we will look at in a few moments, she calls Jesus, her son, "my Savior".

They believe that even after Joseph and Mary got married they never engaged in physical relations although the Bible says that she did and had additional sons: Jude, who wrote one of the books of the Bible by that name; and James, who pastored the church in Jerusalem, and who also wrote a letter that goes by his name.

The Catholics believe that James and Jude were "cousins" of Jesus, but not half-brothers, which is a distortion of the Bible.
On many occasions the writers of the gospels, as well as the Apostle Paul refer to Jesus' "brothers".

I'm not here to try and start an argument or to anger anyone.
I want to make sure we look at what the bible says and does NOT say about Mary.

Understanda ...

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