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Are You about Your Father's Business? (4 of 16)
Series: Covered in Dust
Jeff Lynn
Luke 2:39-52

This is the fourth message in the series, "Covered in Dust: Living in the Way of Jesus"

In case you weren't here two weeks ago when I began this series, the title comes from the idea that disciples of rabbis would follow so closely behind their rabbis, or sit at their dusty feet when they taught, that they would be covered in their dust.

A disciple of a rabbi would follow every mannerism of his rabbi.

We are looking at the life of Jesus in an attempt to more understand his character and conduct, so as to emulate Him more fully.

Again, the idea is that we are to follow so closely behind Jesus as a follower of His, that we are covered in His dust.

This morning we are looking at the only mention of Jesus in the Scriptures as a young man.
The probable reason there is no real mention of Jesus' childhood other than this account is that in the ancient world, if you were writing a biography of someone, you wouldn't mention their childhood, because children were not held in high esteem, and almost nothing of what happened in childhood was considered significant.

There ARE accounts of Jesus' birth because of the significance of it; but other than these few verses that we are going to look at this morning, there is no mention of his childhood.

Now, there were other so-called "gospels" that began emerging in the third century, claiming to have been written by those who were eye witnesses of Jesus, and these gospels were filled with some details about Jesus' childhood.
However, some of the stories are somewhat spurious and sensationalized;
such as
• Jesus being somewhat of a brat;
• turning his friends into goats when they disagreed with him;
• that he would often make animals and birds out of clay and then make them come alive.
• There are stories about Jesus killing people who he found intolerable and then would later raise them from t ...

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