by Jeff Lynn

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How Closely are you Following Him? - Part I (6 of 16)
Series: Covered in Dust
Jeff Lynn
Luke 11:1-4

Let me remind us that we are looking at the life of Jesus in order to learn what it means to really follow Him and become more like Him.

That is the call to every person who calls themselves a Christian: follow Christ.

When you confess Him as Lord and Savior you are acknowledging that He is now on the throne of your heart and that you desire Him to call the shots and lead you into righteousness.

The title for this series comes from the ancient proverb that speaks to disciples of particular rabbis following so closely behind their masters on dusty roads that they were covered in the dust of their rabbi.
Also, disciples would sit at the feet of their rabbis as they taught, and so this was another common way that this expression took hold.

Disciples would emulate every aspect of their rabbi in hopes of becoming just like Him.
I hope and pray that your desire is to become more conformed to the image of Christ, and the only way to do that is do discover the ways of Christ. And to do that you must follow Him closely.
I'm hoping that's why you attend Yorktown.
But that's not enough.
You must walk with Him and experience Him for yourself.

That's our attempt in this series: to look at the life of Jesus, predominantly in the book of Luke, to see His character and conduct.

As you look through the book of Luke, it doesn't take you very long to see that Jesus' life centered on prayer.

From His baptism in Luke 3 that we looked at last week, all the way through the end of His life, prayer was a significant aspect of Jesus' life.

I remarked about this last week, but let's look at it Luke 3:21 again:

Now when all the people were baptized, and when Jesus also had been baptized and was praying, the heavens were opened…
Luke 3:21

And then after Jesus began His public ministry of healing and teachin ...

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