by Jeff Lynn

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Covered in Compassion - Part II (9 of 16)
Series: Covered in Dust
Jeff Lynn
Luke 5:12-14; 17:11-19; 4:38-39; 8:43-48; 18:15-17

TEXT: Luke 4:40-44

This is the second part of a message that I started last week entitled, "Covered in Compassion".

Last week I shared with you that we were going to look at the different types of people that Jesus "engaged" as He went about His public ministry to fulfill the mission that we just read in those verses.
I believe these are the same types of people that we will engage, as well.

Again, we are talking about "living in the way of Jesus", which is to what we are called as Christians or Christ-followers.
That's what we pledged to do when we confessed Jesus as Lord and Savior.
We are no longer calling the shots in our lives.
We are following Him.
And to follow Him, we have to "abide" in Him, which means to stay connected through prayer and His Word.

As we "abide" in him, we begin to manifest the character of Christ in our lives.

We don't just "throw" dust on ourselves as symbolic of doing external righteous things; we are covered in the dust of Jesus because we are following Him. (Dusty roads; sitting at His feet)

Over the next several weeks leading up to Easter we will be looking at some of the qualities with which we will be covered as we live in the way of Jesus.
Last week we started with the characteristic of "compassion".

Remember, our mission as a church is to make disciples of Christ who are growing in their compassion for people, which is really another way to say that we are loving our neighbors as ourselves, which is the second greatest commandment.

Compassion means that we are physiologically affected by someone's condition.
We read several times throughout the gospels that Jesus had "compassion" on certain people; that's why He ministered to them.
Compassion doesn't mean to simply feel sorry for someone or to just merely to "hurt" FOR them.
You are compassionate to ...

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