by Jeff Lynn

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Covered in Forgiveness (11 of 16)
Series: Covered in Dust
Jeff Lynn
Matthew 18:21-35


Let me remind us that we are in the middle of a series of messages about living in the way of Jesus, which is to what we are called, and to what we committed when we confessed Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Based upon your feedback, God has spoken mightily through this series.
And I'm praying that not only will we be stirred; I'm praying that we will be changed.

I'm praying that we will be so covered in the dust of Jesus by being covered in compassion, truth and grace, humility, surrender, and power, that those around us will take notice and be attracted to Jesus!

Today we are going to talk about forgiveness.

C. S. Lewis once said,
Forgiveness is a beautiful word, until you have something to forgive.
C. S. Lewis

If we were to be honest this morning, some of you are suffering extensively because of your unwillingness to forgive.

You are affected spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physiologically, and relationally because you have held on to anger, resentment, and a grudge that has held you captive and embittered.

And because of that you are hurting other people.

Perhaps you've heard the following phrase:

Hurt people hurt people.

You're miserable and you're making everyone around you miserable because you can't forgive and move on.

Pastor and author John MacArthur writes,

Unforgiveness is a toxin. It poisons the heart and mind with bitterness, distorting one's whole perspective on life. Anger, resentment, and sorrow begin to overshadow and overwhelm the unforgiving person-a kind of soul-pollution that enflames evil appetites and evil emotions.
-John MacArthur
The Freedom and Power of Forgiveness

I personally believe that the church of Jesus Christ at large is debilitated and stunted and unable to accomplish more than it is currently accomplishing because of people being unwilling to forgive other ...

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