by Johnny Hunt

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Restoring Spiritual Vitality - Dead On The Inside - Part 1 (1 of 3)
Johnny Hunt
Galatians 6:9

INTRODUCTION: "When the first signs of burn-out appear, it's time for a break. On the inside, I was experiencing a slow-motion implosion. Pastors are expected to lead, even when the desire or inclination to do so, is severely challenged. I knew others loved me, but living up to the expectations systematically ingrained into the fabric of who I was, became the person I could not escape.

For 30 years, my desire for excellence propelled me to do my best. I drove hard on all cylinders, not realizing that being an entrepreneur means that everything you initiate, by default, you must add to your maintenance list."

Pastor Wayne Cordeiro
"Leading On Empty"

24% of you said in a recent survey that you "felt secure in your faith, but spiritually dry and needed a jump-start right now."

Oswald Chambers "Are You Spiritually Exhausted?"

"Exhaustion means that the vital forces are worn right out. Spiritual exhaustion never comes through sin but only through service, and whether or not you are exhausted will depend on where you get your supplies. The process of being made broken bread and poured out wine means that you have to be the nourishment for souls until they learn to feed on God. They must drain you to the dregs . Before other souls learn to draw on the life of the Lord Jesus direct, they have to draw on it through you; you have to literally be " sucked" until they learn to take their nourishment from God. We owe it to God to be our best for His lambs and His sheep as well as for Himself."

Remember, your soul is satisfied in environments that engage you with eternity. Worship, Bible study, prayers and fellowship with Christians quench your thirsty souls. The world parches your soul, but heaven hydrates your hea ...

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