by Jeff Strite

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Samuel - The Rejected Hero (4 of 5)
Series: Heroes
Jeff Strite
1 Samuel 8:1-22

OPEN: Years ago, when a person would use the telephone operator to help make phone calls, a small boy dialed ''O'' asked the operator to call a number for him. He didn't speak clearly, so she had trouble understanding him and asked him to repeat the number several times. After about the fourth time repeating himself, the little boy blurted out ''You operators are dumb,'' and slammed down the receiver.
His mother was in the next room and overheard him and she was aghast and shocked. She gave him a good tongue lashing, marched him right over to the phone, called the operator back and made the boy apologize.
Later, when his mother left the house, and the boy gets back on the phone again.
''Is this the same operator I talked to a little while ago?''
''Yes,'' came the reply.
''Well,'' said the boy, ''I still think you're dumb!''

APPLY: How many of you have ever been frustrated with someone? (ask for a show of hands)
How many of you have you ever been angry with another person?
How many have ever had someone say things or do things behind your back - and you knew they did it just to hurt you or irritate you? Have you ever been mistreated? Abused? Snubbed? Shunned?

If you've ever experienced anything like that I want to introduce you to somebody who experienced that very same kind of rejection. I want to introduce you to a man named Samuel

Now Samuel had been a prophet of God since he'd been a young man. His mother had given him to God when he was a baby and from that day on he'd been raised in the home of a priest named Eli.

But Eli was not a very good priest. And his sons, who served with him in the tabernacle, were wicked men.
Because of Eli's weakness and because of his sons' wickedness God destroyed that entire family.

And then God raised up Samuel as His special servant. Samuel served God as a prophet, a judge, and the leader of the people of Israe ...

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