by Ernest Easley

The Life Changing Power of the Resurrection
Ernest L. Easley
Acts 26:9-18

As you're turning to Acts 26, I want to tell you about three pastors who were discussing what they wanted said at their funeral. Frankly, my wife Julie and I recently had the same conversation: who will speak at MY funeral.

After discussing a few names, she blurted out, ''I want to speak at your funeral. I have a lot to say.'' I said, ''Honey, that wouldn't be a good idea. I'm sure you will be too emotionally distraught to speak at my funeral.''

Without blinking an eye, said, ''No. I don't think so. It's settled. I'm speak.'' Now let me say to you, when it's time for my funeral, don't feel obligated to attend if you've got something else to do that day. Big crowds make my wife nervous.

So when the three pastors starting discussing what they wanted said at their funerals, the first one said, ''You know, when they walk by my casket, I'd like for somebody to say how I put God first, others second and self last.''

The second pastor said, ''When they walk past my casket, I want somebody to say how I served God and faithfully preached His word.''

The third pastor, who was not quite as spiritual as his pastor friends said, ''Well, when they walk by my casket, I'd like for somebody to say, ''Look! He's moving!''

When the mourners arrived at Jesus' tomb that first Easter Sunday morning, they didn't say, ''Look! He's moving!'' They heard the angel say, ''He is not here, but is risen!''

Ladies and Gentlemen: we're here today because Jesus wouldn't stay dead, He moved!! He moved out of that tomb and into our world. And He's moved into our lives and He is moving across this campus this morning!

And on this Easter Sunday morning I am happy to report that because the grave couldn't hold Him, that our lives can now be forever changed!

After 2000 plus years of critical examination and analysis, we still have an empty tomb! And it was that empty tomb we find the Apostle Paul ...

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