by John Barnett

Unleashing Christ's Resurrection Power
John Barnett
John 20

As we open to John 20, think of what God accomplished at Christ's Resurrection. When Jesus stepped from the Tomb on Resurrection morning, God unleashed the greatest power of all.

Not only had Jesus paid the price for the sin of the world as the Lamb of God (John 1:29), He now was no longer limited to one spot at a time, as He had been in His earthly ministry. First, remember with me:

The Power of Jesus Christ Displayed

From the Manger to the Cross Jesus had been for 33 years in only one place at one time. He had humbled Himself, He had emptied Himself, and He had limited Himself. He was localized, operating in one place at a time.

Even in this condition of being localized, Jesus accomplished more than any human ever has or will. He grew up perfectly, mastered God's Word perfectly, and related to His family, friends, and neighbors perfectly for 30 years.

Then at the dawn of His Public ministry He obeyed God perfectly at His Baptism, He defeated Satan's advances perfectly in the Wilderness, and He began to serve God's will perfectly as He set out as an itinerant preacher.

For 3 years Jesus awesomely served in the power of God.

Wherever He went, Christ's very Presence made sure that death fled, disease faded, and despair melted.

Broken bodies that came in contact with Jesus were mended, ruined lives repaired, sightless eyes restored, empty ears filled with sound, missing fingers returned, and hungering lives satisfied.

Everywhere He went, wherever He was, whenever He was there: the Presence of Jesus meant that death, disease, and despair were no more. But Jesus only did that from being in one place at a time.

As far as we know Jesus only ventured outside the borders of tiny Israel but once, and then it was quite a brief stop in the north to help a troubled woman.

Crowds came to Him, multitudes flocked to Him, and none were disappointed: if you came to Him, He helped ...

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