by John Barnett

Palm Sunday Reminds Us: God's Word Can Be Trusted
John Barnett
John 12:12-19

As we open to John 12, we are looking at the final account of Christ's Triumphal entrance into Jerusalem for His final week of His earthly ministry.

After the other three Gospel writers had penned their inspired accounts of this Palm Sunday event in Matthew 21, Mark 11, and Luke 21: more than 30 years later, the last living Apostle, John, sits to write the final pieces that describe that final week.

Much like a movie that gets remade into 3-D form, the Gospel by John's 10-chapter account of Christ's Final Week: fills in, and rounds out, what is already recorded in the other three accounts, as the Spirit of God gives us even more precious details. What we have is an amazing record of the most powerful week ever to take place in the history of the Universe.

The Final Picture of The Final Week

The final week of Christ's life is captured for us in the New Testament across 28 chapters out of a total of 89 chapters that make up the Four Gospels.

Just for perspective: out of the 89 total chapters:

- Christ's entire 42-month (or 168 weeks of) ministry is covered in 61 chapters.
- Christ's Final Week fills another 28 chapters.
- Needless to say, we know so much more about Christ's final week, than any other week in the Bible.

The Palm Sunday event, trigger the countdown: to greatest week of Earth's history since Creation.

- The creation of our Universe, spoken into existence by its Creator, was a great event.
- But, the Universe, shackled by the bondage to sin, groaning in anticipation of being liberated, must have so rejoiced in the climactic, redemptive events of this week.

On Palm Sunday, Jesus entered Jerusalem at exactly the time the Passover lambs were chosen.

He proclaimed Himself as the Promised Messiah by riding on a donkey exactly as prophesied in Zechariah 9:9. Listen as I read about the promised coming of the King:

''Rejoice greatly, O da ...

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