by Stan Coffey

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The Mystery of the Leaven (5 of 8)
Series: Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven
Dr. Stan Coffey
Matthew 13:33

A. The leaven of the Pharisees
B. The leaven of the Sadducees
C. The leaven of Herod


I want you to take God's word and turn to Matthew Chapter 13 as we continue a series of messages that deal with the kingdom of heaven. Jesus is revealing the mystery of the kingdom of heaven.

Now a mystery is something you cannot know through study, through human knowledge. It is something only revealed by the Holy Spirit and God's people are not to welcome darkness; God's people are to walk in the light of His word. Amen?

We're to know what's going on about us and Jesus gave seven parables abut the heaven that describes the kingdom of heaven during the last day. He tells us exactly what's going to happen that we might be encouraged, that we might be prepared.

Now we learned about the wheat and the tares, we learned about the mystery of the mustard seed, we've learned about the parable of the soils and the different response that we see to the word of God.

Now today, we want to look at the mystery of the leaven, the mystery of the leaven. One Verse 33 of Matthew 13. "ANOTHER PARABLE SPAKE HE UNTO THEM; THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS LIKE UNTO LEAVEN, WHICH A WOMAN TOOK, AND HID IN THREE MEASURES OF MEAL, TILL THE WHOLE WAS LEAVENED."

Now we know what leaven is; leaven is yeast. Leaven is that wonderful stuff that they put in those biscuits so the biscuits swell up in the pan, they get real big. Those kind of biscuits, you know, where you take the first bite and it's a half moon, the second bite it's a total eclipse. We know what yeast is.

Yeast is that wonderful substance that makes that wonderful bread and that thing that we enjoy so very much. But you know in the Bible yeast or leaven is used as a symbol of evil. It's used a symbol of the power and the work of the devil.

That's why in the word of G ...

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