by Joe Alain

Out of the Tombs! - Overcoming Our Fear of Life and Death
Joe Alain
Mark 5:1-20

No one had a place for the man in Mark chapter 5; that is, no one except Jesus. The encounter is explosive. The disciples' boat beaches near a graveyard and a herd of pigs. As Jesus steps ashore, a crazy man storms out of a cavern. The disciples are terrified In Mark 5:1-20 we have the story of Jesus completely healing a man of his demon possession and giving him a new direction in life. The great truth of this story is that Jesus sets us free from our sin and our fear of life and death and he gives us a new purpose in life, to love and honor him. The same Lord who walked the Galilean seashore is still the Lord who is in the life changing business! There are some powerful truths in this story that we can learn to overcome our fear of life and death.

No Case Too Hard
The first truth we can learn is that No Case Is too Hard. The Psalmist declared, "What God is great like our God? You art the God who works wonders" (Psalm 77:13b-14a). Truly with God all things are possible. Nothing is too hard for our God. Jesus asked this man's name and he replied, "my name is legion; for we are many"(v.9). A Roman legion would have been about 5-6,000 men.

Here before us is a man who is possessed by demons. He is possessed by negative, destructive, demonic, and anti-life forces. He had been driven away form his family, friends, community, and society itself. All normal contacts with other human beings had ceased. Here before us is a man engulfed in tragic loneliness being driven by demonic forces to the brink of insanity. Here before us is a man who has been written off as a lost cause, a hard case, no a hopeless case! But with Jesus there is no case too hopeless, too far gone, too hard! No one is hopeless who hopes in God!

Dead Man Walking
Mark tells us four things about "Legion," the Demon-possessed man.
First, He made his home in the graveyard - 5:2-3
Luke 8:27 tells us that "H ...

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