by Stephen Whitney

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Stand Firm (5 of 5)
Series: II Timothy
Stephen Whitney
II Timothy 2:23-26

In recent years Jewish Rabbi's have discovered what they believe
to be hidden codes in the Hebrew text of the O.T. that reveal an astonishing knowledge of future events and people. By starting
with the first letter of a name or event and then skipping forward
at an interval of a certain number of letters they were able to find
what they believed to be hidden codes in the Bible. The idea goes back to the fourteenth-century in a book written by a Jewish Rabbi
who described a pattern of letters encoded in the Torah.

An example is found in Deut. 10:17-22 where they believe the name Hitler is spelled out at 22 letter intervals which is interesting because there are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet. They also
found that if you counted every 13th letter from a certain point
you would find the phrase "in the bitter sea of Auschwitz" as a
reference to the Nazi concentration in Auschwitz, Poland where thousands of Jews were killed and burned in the ovens.

Grant Jeffery, a prophecy teacher, has even written a book called The Mysterious Bible Codes in which he takes you through all kinds of events and people who he claims are mentioned in the Bible. In his book he claims the Bible contains the prophecy
about President Bill Clinton and his affair with Monica Lewinsky
along with Saddam Hussein invading Kuwait and the Gulf War.

Down through the centuries, many foolish questions about religious matters have been debated and even divided people. Some issues were so trivial it is hard to imagine anyone taking them seriously, but people will still fight over them.

Can God create a rock so large he cannot move it?
What shape are the Archangel Gabriel's wings?
How many angels can stand on the head of a pin?
Are there any angels with baritone voices?
What was the name of Noah's wife?
How much wine did the guests drink at the wedding in Cana?
Who wrote the epistle to the ...

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