by Steve Wagers

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The Mountain Man Who Moved Mountains (1 of 5)
Series: Elijah: A Man for our Time
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
1 Kings 17: 1

1) A Common Man for an Ungodly Time!
a) Perverted with Idolatry
b) Polluted by Immorality
c) Plagued through Infirmity
2) A Courageous Man with an Undesirable Task!
a) The Moment He Accepts
b) The Message He Acclaims
c) The Ministry He Affirms
1) In the Presence of God
2) Through the Power of God
3) With the Promise of God

A general working knowledge of the Bible acquaints us with some common, household names. Most of us know about Abraham, who set out for regions unknown because God had promised to show him a better land. We know about Noah, the preacher who built an ark. We've all heard about Moses, who at the age of 80 led the children of Israel out of Egypt. We know about Joshua and the walls of Jericho. Everyone loves the story of meager David and mighty Goliath. I still get blessed every time I read about Daniel in the lions' den.

Yet, there is a hero whose name you recognize, but whose story you may not know. His name is Elijah. He steps onto the stage of biblical history at a low ebb in the nation of Israel. When the nation was almost completely given over to idolatry, the God, on an eternal throne, raised up a mountain man to confront the evil on an earthly throne.

J. Sidlow Baxter writes of Elijah, "He is one of the most remarkable figures in the whole story of Israel. His eminence is seen both in the religious reformation which he wrought, and in the fact that the New Testament speaks of him more often than of any other Old Testament prophet." (1)

Ray Pritchard summarizes his impact this way, "He took on the prophets of Baal and won the contest on Mount Carmel. He, in the name of sovereign God, humbled the posture of a nation's idol worship, brought fire from sodden wood, rain from dry-eyed heaven, and recognition of Jehovah from pagan lips." (2)
I think of a prayer that I recently read that really stru ...

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