by Steve Wagers

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God Moves in Mysterious Ways (2 of 5)
Series: Elijah: A Man for our Time
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
1 Kings 17: 2-24

1) The Strange Plan God Unveils!
a) Ordered Immediately of Elijah
b) Obeyed Specifically by Elijah
2) The Sufficient Provision God Uncovers!
a) An Unlikely Source
b) An Uncommon Supply
3) The Supernatural Power God Unlocks!
a) His Faith in God
b) His Favor with God

Several generations ago, the great British preacher F. B. Meyer wrote a short book called "Elijah and the Secret of His Power." In his introduction he noted that some people may think it rash to study Elijah's life because he was such a great man that we can never hope to be like him. We may admire him, but we also acknowledge that he belongs to a different and higher category than ordinary mortals.

Meyer offered this reply: "Some of my readers may be disposed to charge me with rashness in attempting to delineate the life of Elijah-this Colossus among ordinary men, who dwarfs us while his own noble proportions defy the belittling perspective of long distance. But my excuse will be found in the thought that the life of this mighty man was wrought out through the indwelling of that Holy Spirit, which is equally within reach of those who will believe and obey."

Then he offers this additional thought, which I believe to be 100-percent correct: "There is nothing the Church of today needs so much as spiritual power; and there is nothing which we can have so easily, if only we are prepared to pay the price." (1)

Think about that last statement. We may "easily" have spiritual power if we are willing to "pay the price." In other words, God's blessings and power are freely given but only to those who want them badly enough to pay the price.

God does not dispense his power to those who do not want it or to those who are only playing games. If Elijah's life teaches us anything, it is that God delights to use unlikely men whose hearts are fully His.
When we last saw Elij ...

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