by Fred Lowery

Dr. Fred Lowery
Ephesians 2; Rom 5:12; Rom 6:23; John 8:44; Psalm 19:1; 2 Cor 5:17

OK. We are in the study of Ephesians and it's one of the great, great books in -- in the New Testament. Have you ever watched an artist begin a painting? I mean, just as a blank canvas and starts to paint? My wife paints -- rather well, I think and she will start something on a canvas ---I'll walk by and see that she's started something on this canvas and to me it looks like a mess and I can't figure out what she is painting but she has a picture in her mind of exactly how it's gonna turn out and then the more she paints the more that picture begins to emerge. Life is a lot like that. It gets messy. At times it doesn't make sense and you don't know how it's gonna turn out. But the good news is the perfect artist has the picture in His mind of exactly how you're gonna turn out. And He's well pleased because as we learned in Romans 8:28 He is working all things in your life so that you will turn out exactly as He planned for you and so in Ephesians 2, Paul gives us a glimpse of how it turns out for us. He just briefly takes us to the pinnacle of the Christian life. The book of Ephesians as we learned last week and Ky did a great job with chapter 1 introducing us to this wonderful book ---chapter 1 emphasizing our possessions in Christ --chapter 2 -- our position in Christ. And a person's position determines his possessions and his power -- his strength. Regardless of where you are physically --Paul was in jail--or whatever the circumstances are in your life. For Paul, he knew that it could mean death for him. As Christians, regardless of what's happening we have the power and the grace to get through it. God's guaranteed that because of our position in Christ. We are the very habitation of God. God lives within us. Paul was in jail but he was not alone in that jail. God was with him. And God could meet his needs and could -- God could give him the strength -- the grace t ...

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