by Steve Wagers

When the Devil Raises Cain, God is Able
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
Genesis 4

1. God is Able to Overrule Man's Foolishness!
A) The Requirement that was Set
B) The Revenge that was Sought
2. God is Able to Overcome Man's Sinfulness
A) The Gruesome Act of Murder
1) Who Manipulated Cain
2) What Motivated Cain
B) The Gracious Act of Mercy
3. God is Able to Overturn Man's Hopelessness!
A) A Godly Seed is Restored
B) A Great Salvation is Received

A little boy was standing in the foyer waiting for his family. The pastor greeted him, and decided to quiz him to see what he had learned in Sunday school. He asked the little lad, "Son, if you can tell me something only God can do, I'll give you a dollar." The little boy replied, "Pastor, if you can tell me something God CAN'T do, I'll give you a hundred dollars."

Because Cain was the 1st death row convict guilty of 1st degree murder, killing his brother Abel, the expression "Raising Cain" developed to describe acts of violence, criminal activity, lewdness, or the creating of an uproar.

I believe that I am far within my reach to say that we are living in a day when the devil is raising Cain. He is raising Cain in countries, in cities, in communities, and even in churches. He is raising Cain in heads, in hearts, and in homes. He is raising Cain in families, in finances, and in faith.

I recently came across a piece entitled, "If I Were Satan," which is a fitting tribute to our day.

If I were Satan…
I would focus on the churches. I would get members to demand their own preferences. I would urge them to complain about the length of the pastor's sermons and the color of the carpet. I would set member against member to fight over the right worship style. And I would make the business meeting the time where the most carnal members spoke and fight and destroyed.

If I were Satan . . .
I would encourage church members to avoid high levels of commitment. I would remind them that they are there to g ...

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