by Dennis Marquardt

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Paradise Found! (3 of 6)
Series: 7 Last Sayings of Christ on the Cross
Dennis Marquardt
Luke 23:32-33, 39-43

INTRO: What is the most important decision you think you will have to make in this life?

a. What person to marry?
b. What kind of career will I do?
c. How many kids do I want?
d. What home to buy?
e. What kind of car will I drive?
f. What do I want for dinner?

The greatest decision in life is "None of the above!" - it is how you answer the question Pilate asked, "What shall I do, then, with Jesus who is called Christ?" Matt. 27:22

The answer to this question will determine your life not only now but throughout eternity! The answer to this most important question will decide whether you experience "Paradise Lost" or "Paradise Found."

ILLUS: If you ever get the opportunity to visit Egypt and the tombs and pyramids, study what was required to construct some of those monuments. Some studies revealed that it required the efforts of one hundred thousand workers for forty years to build one of the great pyramids. As you tour the area there, you can't help but ask why. Why so much effort? Why would somebody put that amount of emphasis on a tomb, on the afterlife?

The answer is that the Egyptians understood full well they would spend a lot more time in the afterlife than they would spend in this life. Granted, some of their conceptions of what would happen in the afterlife were a little skewed. But the point is, they understood to the core of their being that the afterlife was a whole lot more important than this life, and so they prepared for the afterlife during this life. God had placed eternity in their hearts. - Bill Hybels, "Your Ever After: Heaven," Preaching Today, Tape 34.

Two thieves were crucified with Jesus, one mocked Jesus till his dying moment, but the other reached out to Christ and discovered the joy of his sins forgiven and the promise of paradise. These two men still represent the choices that are ours t ...

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