by Dennis Marquardt

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Day of Authority (2 of 6)
Series: Countdown to Calvary
Dennis Marquardt
Mark 11:12-26

INTRO: On this day Jesus demonstrated His authority. This will stand in direct contrast to the failure of the religious leaders of Jesus day who only "appear" to have authority. It also sets the stage for us to understand true spiritual authority in our lives.

There is much misunderstanding about spiritual authority today, we have some who "name it and claim it" - or exercise authority by the use of the phrase "In the name of Jesus" as though the use of it as a formula somehow conveys authority or power. Others think spiritual authority comes from titles like "reverend," "deacon," or "pastor" - or some other title of religious orientation.

Yet, real authority is not found in formulas, or positions, or in knowing or quoting scripture, it comes from a faithful life that is consistent with Jesus' teachings. This is where the religious leaders of Jesus' day had missed the mark; they often failed to see the REAL issue, how truly blind they were!

ILLUS: Mother used to make pies in the afternoon and set them in the garage to cool. It was my job to bring the pie in when it was time for dessert. One evening, however, instead of finding a warm apple pie, I saw the neighbor's dog running out the back door of the garage, juice from the pie still dripping from his face and whiskers. He had eaten the whole pie and licked the plate clean. When I complained to our neighbor about her dog's misdeed and how he had eaten all of the pie, she replied, "Oh, dear, I hope he doesn't get sick." -- Dan Jerome, Livonia, MI, Christian Reader, "Lite Fare."

If we are not careful it is easy to miss what is really important!

PROP. SENT: For a Christian to have true spiritual authority we must demonstrate a life of faithfulness, a life that evidences the fruit of the Spirit or we are devoid of real authority or power.


A. Expectations ...

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