by Dennis Marquardt

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Day of Victory (6 of 6)
Series: Countdown to Calvary
Dennis Marquardt
John 20:1-31

INTRO: If the resurrection of Jesus Christ did not take place then Christianity is a joke! BUT … if it did take place then your choice of accepting or rejecting Christ as Lord of your life is NO joke!

Most people have a hard time with believing in a resurrection because it just seems too incredible!

But, only a couple hundred years ago if you had told your great great great great grandfather that you could fly from New York City to Los Angeles in a little over 5 hours on a vehicle that weighed hundreds of thousands of pounds with over 300 people on board 5 miles high in sky he would have laughed in your face, he could not believe this because it had never been done!

If you told that same relative from a couple hundred years ago that men would walk on the moon, or that messages could be flashed to England or China in less than a second, or that a machine called a computer could do a billion math calculations in a matter of seconds or milliseconds he would not believe it! We easily believe it because we take it for granted, having witnessed and even experienced these things over and over again.

The same is true with resurrection power, what seems incredible to us today will be taken for granted after the resurrection of the godly one day, it is only incredible to us today because we have not yet seen it as a widespread reality yet!

The resurrection power of God is the most dynamic force in the universe ... and the only hope for mankind! The idea that God can bring us back from the dead is not that farfetched…

ILLUS: A workman of the great chemist Michael Faraday accidentally knocked a silver cup into a solution of acid. It was promptly dissolved, eaten up by the acid. The workman was terribly disturbed by the accident. The chemist came in and put a chemical into the jar, and shortly all the silver was precipitated to the bottom. The shapeless mass was lifted o ...

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