by Ernest Easley

Mortgages, Loans and Debt
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Nehemiah 5:1-14

I hold in my hand a gift from God! When God led the writers of the Bible to record scripture, He made sure that nothing we need was left out! It truly is: Basic Information Before Leaving Earth.

The B I B L E

I've discovered over the years that there is a correlation between how much I spend in God's word and how close my walk is with God. The more time I spend in His word, the closer my walk with God. His word greatly impacts my walk! There is no substitute for the scriptures! And if you truly want to enhance your walk with God, then get into His Word and let His Word get into you!

I do know this: you will never become conformed into the image of His Son nor walk with Him apart from His Word.

Now join me today in Nehemiah 5 as we again reminded that the work of God never goes forward without opposition. Remember that the walls of Jerusalem were laying in ruin and the gates were burned. When the people of God were faced with the challenge of rebuilding and repairing the walls and gates, they said, "Let's do it," and they went to work.

But not everybody went to work. Whenever you're facing a God-size project, not everybody wants to participate.

Some said, "Let's do it," and went to work.

Others said, "We cannot do it," and stopped work.

While others said, "We won't do it," and refused to work.

They had a wall to build just as we have a campus to fill! Think of what we could accomplish for God .. think of the influence for the gospel we could have .. think of the lives that would be changed if every member of RSBC said, "Let's do it. Let's fill this campus with people and praise for our God deserves it!" I'm in! I'm all in! And I'm asking you to join me.

Well .. that's what Nehemiah was asking the people of God: to join him in accomplishing something great for God, for His praise, for His purpo ...

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