by Kerry Shook

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Building a Lasting Legacy (1 of 5)
Series: Sand Castles
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• 1 Cor. 3:12-14 (NIV)



• Isa. 40:8 (NIV)

• Matt. 7:26 (The Msg)


• Rom. 8:29 (The Msg)

God's Character Building Tools

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When my kids were little I used to enjoy watching them build sand castles on the beach. I mean, they would work so hard for hours, and Chris and I would always have to be lathering them up with sunscreen on their back to keep them from getting burned and they would build tunnels and bridges and high walls. But it didn't matter how high they would build the walls and it didn't matter how hard they would work, because the next morning after the tide had rolled in, we would always walk out to the beach to find that all their hard work from the day before had been completely washed away.

I think most moms feel that way every day. Moms, you do the dishes, but after the next meal, the dishes are dirty again. You make up the beds in the morning, but by that night they're being slept in again. You cook a meal, but then within a few hours or a few minutes the kids are hungry again. You mop the sticky stuff up off the floor, but before you know it, the floor is sticky again. You pick the kids up from their lessons or their practice, but then the next day, you're taking them to their practice again. Most moms feel like they're building sand castles. Most moms feel like all their hard work gets washed away by the end of every day.

Now, I have a sand castle up here that I'd like to give to somebody. Who would like to take this home? Okay, right down here, I'll give it to you. This sand castle represents a normal day in the life of most moms. I mean, every day moms,you're building a little masterpiece, and you put so much time and effort and hard work and creativity and commitment into it. You put so much love into it, because every day all the things that you do, all the mundane things, what you're really doing is building a little masterpiece. But then at the end of the day, it just gets all knocked down. Here you go, sir. You can have it.

Now, moms can you relate to that? Doesn't that feel like your life right there? Now, moms, I want you to know the reality is, it may feel like every day at the end of the day everything you do down here on this earth gets washed away, but what's really happening is you're building a legacy for all eternity. What you're really doing is building a sand castle like this. It was amazing this week to watch these professional sand sculptors come in here. It took them about ten days to build all this. It's amazing to see what they did out of a big pile of sand.
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