by Kerry Shook

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Unveil (3 of 3)
Series: Soul Mate
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• Genesis 2:25 (NIV)


• Genesis 3:7 (NIV)


• 2 Corinthians 3:13 (MSG)


At an art auction, they always veil the masterpiece until the very last minute; and then just before the bidding starts, they unveil it to everyone's delight. Now, God unveils for us the secret to a masterpiece kind of marriage where both husband and wife are soul mates at the deepest level, completely connected emotionally, relationally, spiritually, physically, soul mates. And really, the secret to becoming soul mates is found in this art of unveiling because when you go into marriage, there's a lot that is veiled. There's a lot that you really can't see, and that's because we all enter the marriage relationship in what I call the rose-colored-glasses phase where everything is coming up roses, and that's pretty much all you can see, and you think that you've married the perfect person. You think that this person you're relating to has no faults and no flaws, and they have it all together. You sort of look at them through rose-colored glasses, and really it's not just about the marriage relationship - it's any new relationship. In business, it's where you think that that business partner that you just got into business with shares your values and your philosophy to a T. It's when you get a new friend and you think -- finally, I got a friend with no issues, and you think you're in a relationship with this perfect person and everything is growing great, but really that's just the surface level because the reality is much deeper, and you have to go to that deeper level in a relationship for it to be rich and rewarding, and once you start going to that deeper level in a relationship, then it moves past the rosy phase because, as you know, the great theologians from the 80s Rock Band Poison said it best "every rose has its thorns" and you move into the thorn-and-the-thistle stage because we all bring a lot of thorns and thistles into the marriage relationship -- thorns of character flaws that we've never dealt with, thorns of personality conflict. We all have upsides and downsides to our personalities, and it's in the rosy phase that all you see is the upside of their personality, and then you get into the thorn-and-thistle phase, and all you see is the downside of their personality, and because we all have these thorns and thistles, we get hurt, and we hurt each other, and in the marriage relationship, there's no way you can avoid it. You're going to be hurt because we all have thorns and thistles and faults and sins and personality differences, and we hurt each other; but, it's what you do with that hurt that determines whether your marriage will experience healing or death.
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