by Ernest Easley

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How to Become a God Influencer (1 of 16)
Series: The God Issue
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Colossians 1:1-8

We are starting a new series of messages today in both this worship gathering as well as in the contemporary worship gathering from the New Testament book of Colossians under the heading: THE GOD ISSUE. And it's my hope and prayer that God will use these messages to stir us up and to move us into action.

If there was ever a time in church history and in the history of our nation for the church to be stirred up, spirit filled and to step into action, it is today. Without God influencers, America, as we have known her, will be no more.

Without God influencers, America will continue down the path of destruction and judgment. For like Israel of old, America's rise or fall is dependent on its relationship with God. Without God influencers, America's destiny is set.

So, what is a God influencer? It's a person, it's a people, it is a church that makes God the issue! If the church doesn't start making God the issue, America will fall. Without making God the issue, His hand of favor and protection will be removed from us and we will experience His judgment. God is the issue!

Today, some are saying that homosexuality with Gay Marriage moving closer to becoming an accepted, alternative to traditional marriage, is the issue. Others say that abortion is the issue as the lives of millions of babies have been snuffed out. And we spend effort, time and resources opposing these .. and we should.

Now look up here because I don't want you walking out of here today misquoting or misunderstanding what I'm about to say: Homosexuality and Abortion and the other moral issues we face today are not the issue, they are symptoms. God is the issue!

Much of what our founding fathers put in place still stands: a free press, individual liberty, the right to bear arms and so on. But without question, the greatest difference between the America of 1776 ...

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