by Kerry Shook

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Break Free (1 of 2)
Series: Pinball Nations
Pastor Kerry Shook

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Pinball people are …

• Controlled by the crowd

• Clobbered by their circumstances

• Captured by their cravings

• Conformed to the culture

• Rom. 12:2 (NIV)

The Greek word for transformed is "metamorphosis" which means changed from the inside out.

• Rom. 12:2 (MSG)


I'm starting a new series today that I'm calling "Pinball Nation", and it's all about how to make drastic changes in our lives so we can move from a life of aimless direction to one of intentional action, and to illustrate it, we've set up a human pinball machine out on the lawn, so we want to go live out there right now to Pastor Rob Robinson, who's over all students and children's ministry, and he's out there with some of the students. Rob, how's it going? Is it hot enough for you? Pastor Kerry, it is absolutely sizzlin' out here right now. Yeah, I love it! So, you've got all the kids set up as the human pinball machine, and you've got a human pinball. Who is the human pinball? Well, we had to very carefully choose the right person who could not vomit during this video presentation, so we randomly chose your son, Steven Shook. Right ... yeah! Hey Stevie! Alright. Are you ready to go man? Pastor Kerry, we are ready to go. We've got our teams ready to get going. Steve, you good? Alright Steve, we're going to say a little prayer for you, but we want you to just turn all kinds of flips and go crazy, so um... Rob ... any time. OK. Guys count down. He wanted it extra crazy ... so, 3 - 2 - 1, let's go ... human pinball. OK. He is flopping around. Imagine the old gerbils in the habitrails. Yeah! Aren't they supposed to buckle you in on that that? Well, we have a new one. It's kinda loose. Alright. Well, it just keeps going, doesn't it? Can you hold him so I can come out there and do that? I've been wanting to do that for 16 years. Alright ... well how's he doing? Steve, how are you doing? Oh, there's a thumb's up from Steven Shook ladies and gentlemen. He's ready to come back here. Well, let's come back here while Steven throws up. Do you ever feel like that? I mean, do you ever feel like you're a pinball in life? You're just getting bounced around by all your problems and pressures, but you have no clearly defined priorities, or if you do have some priorities for your life, it just seems impossible to live by them because you're stuck in that machine of an overloaded schedule, and everything in your life is just flashing "tilt" and you wish you could just unplug of the machine ... or maybe it's a habit or a hang-up that's got you stuck in just a self-destructive cycle that you just can't seem to break free from.
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