by Kerry Shook

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Rock Band (2 of 2)
Series: One Month to Love
Pastor Kerry Shook

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Three Phases of a Relationship:

• Rock Star

• Rocky Reality

• Rights Fight

• Eph. 4:26 (GN)

Harmful Ways of Expressing Anger:

• The Screamer

• The Shower Singer

• The Rap Artist

• The Falsetto Voice

• Mark 3:16-19 (NIV)


• John 8:7-8 (NLT)


One of the hottest video games out today is Rock Band because it makes everyone who plays it including me feel like a rock star and what I wanted to do today to start the whole thing out was to challenge Pastor Stan in a battle of Rock Band. So Stan, here's the deal. You pick whoever you want out of all these rockers out here to be on your team because you need a bass player, you need a drummer, you need a guitar player; we won't do a singer but just everything else. It's all about the band today. So, any rockers out here?

Alright, raise your hand high. Okay. Would you stand up right there, yes, just stand up for a second. Okay I'm not going to use you. I'm going to pick the band.


Come on band, come out here.

That's not fair. I mean that's ringers there. I'm not too worried though. These guys are pretty good with those simple instruments over there but this is much more difficult.

It's different. It's definitely different, yes.

Wait a minute, you're not playing?

I'm not playing, no.

That's not fair. What are you guys going to play?

We are going to play a song from Deep Purple - Highway Star. You are going down in a Christian way. You ready?

I'm ready. Alright here we go.

Let's see what you got. Good start. These guys look serious.

"Music playing"

Not bad. What's their score? They are not even at a beginner level.

We've got the moves.

They've got some flare but Clapton they are not. Okay, what's their score now? 30,000 - they are almost to beginner level. Not bad. They are doing pretty good. You guys can't concentrate very good though.

That's cheating.

What's their score now? 37,000. What happened? They wiped out. They crashed and burned.

Did he obstruct your vision?

What did ya'll get up to? About 40,000? That's a big failure. I mean the song is supposed to go a lot longer. I mean, you guys just crashed and burned.

We did. Somebody stood right here and got in the way a little bit.

I was just getting into the music. 14%. That's good. Now I'm going to pick my team so I need some, I'm looking for like classic rockers. Somebody who looks really washed up and formally drugged out would be better. Anybody? You guys look too clean cut. I don't know that we can, you know. I tell you what. Stan, I've been preparing for this for about one year because I have picked some ringers.
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