by Johnny Hunt

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It's A Wonderful Life (3 of 4)
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Johnny Hunt
John 1:40-42

INTRODUCTION: Play clip of George Bailey, "It's A Wonderful Life"

Peter's brother, Andrew, is the least known of the four disciples in the inner circle. Andrew ordinarily is left very much in the background. We will learn too he was used by our Lord to touch "one" that touched 1,000's. Homer Lindsey referred to Andrew as the inviter, or I see him as the bringer or introducer.

Had Andrew never been born, the New Testament could have changed significantly. Peter may have never been saved. Someone else would have preached the famous Pentecost sermon. So much for 3,000 being saved in one day. We would have to eliminate two books of the New Testament, I andII Peter.

Who would have brought the little boy with two fish and five loaves to Christ? Would there have been the miracle and great biblical lesson we learn from the story of feeding 5,000 men, plus women and children.

Only Heaven knows what else would have been left out of the Bible and church history.

Andrew was the first of all the disciples to be called (John 1:35-40). His eagerness to follow Christ, combined with his zeal for introducing others to Christ, fairly typifies Andrews' character.

Think: Peter, James, John, and Andrew. Certainly Andrew was the least conspicuous. Scripture doesn't tell us a lot about him. He appears in the New Testament only nine times and most references simply mention him in passing. Andrew lived his life in the shadows of his better-known brother, Peter. He is even mentioned in text as Simon Peter's brother.

However, lest we forget, Andrew introduced Peter to Jesus. Andrew shows that he had the right heart for effective ministry in the background.

Andrew, of the four, appears the least contentious and the most thoughtful. Peter was impetuous and often said the wrong thing at the wrong time. He was brash, hasty, and impulsive. John and James were nicknamed, "Sons of Thu ...

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