by Kerry Shook

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The Art of Acting Intentionally (3 of 5)
Series: Love At Last Sight
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• All relationships naturally drift apart

• All relationships naturally stay shallow

• Gen. 3:9 (NLT)

• The Blame Game

• Gen. 3:12, 13 (GN)

• Hide-n-Seek

• Gen. 3:9,10 (LB/GN)

• Monopoly

• Gen. 3:16 (JB)

• Luke 5:37-38 (NIV)



Love is the most overused word in the English language. In fact, I googled the word "love" this week, and I found there are over 1,630,000,000 websites related to love. Everything from, a website dedicated to those who love cakes make from scratch, to, a website dedicated to those who love honeybees first and foremost. But probably the most interesting website I came across was, and it says this ... it's really an amazing scientific website. We all know that a name can tell a lot about a person. Names are not randomly chosen, they all have meaning. Dr. Love knew this, so he made another great invention just for you. I'm always a little skeptical when someone is Dr. Love, but anyway, he goes on to say, sometimes you would like to know if a relationship with someone could workup. With the love calculator, you can calculate the probability of a successful relationship between two people. To find out what the chances for you and your dream partner are, fill in both names, first and last, put them in the boxes and then click calculate. Well, I thought I'd have a little fun with, and so what I did is I put in my name and my wife's maiden name, whom I've been married to for 26 years now, to see how smart this Dr. Love is, and so press calculate and let's see. 91% chance that this relationship is going to work out between Kerry Shook and Christine Nelson, but it doesn't mean you don't have to work on the relationship. Remember, every relationship needs spending time together, talking with each other. Wow...that's amazing advice. But Dr. Love is unbelievable. I mean 91% chance. You know, I wish I would have done this test before we got married, and it would have just really confirmed our great choice. Now I also tried out a couple of other pastors, Chris Ryan, our pastor at our Northwest campus. I put in his name with his wife, who he has been married to for over 16 years, Stephanie Barnhart. Sixteen years ago they got married, so let's calculate. The chance of a relationship working out between Chris and Stephanie is not very big, but there's always a chance, but you must be aware of the fact that the relationship might not work out at all, no matter how much time you invest in it according to Dr. Love, so ... Chris and Steph, just give up. You don't need to go out on dates anymore. You don't need to keep working on it.
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