by Kerry Shook

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In Between (1 of 4)
Series: Tightrope - Living in the Tension
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• Exodus 3:2b- 4 (NIV)


• Exodus 3:4a (NLT)

• Exodus 3:4b (NLT)

• Exodus 3:14 (NIV)


• Exodus 4:2, 3 (NIV)

• Exodus 4:4b (NIV)



As the fog was lifting on the morning of 08/07/1974 an eccentric 24-year-old Frenchman by the name of Philippe Petit was stepping out onto a wire that had been stretched across the top of the newly built World Trade Center towers in New York City. For the next 45 minutes Petit walked back and forth across a tightrope that was a quarter mile above the streets of Manhattan. Now the high wire act had been planned for years and on the night before, Petit and his crew were able to sneak into a freight elevator, ascend to the 104th floor where they hid until the next morning. Then they came out and used a bow and arrow to pass the cable from the south tower to the north tower. Now this amazing event has been revisited a lot recently with the release last year of the award winning documentary men on wire and it is so powerful to see these images first of the World Trade Center again and then to see a man out on a wire between the two towers. Just watch.

"Video playing" They have opened a newspaper at a page and I see something magnificent, something that inspired me. I see two towers and the article says one day those towers will be built. They are not even there yet. When they are they will become the highest in the world.

We were driving in the subterranean garage of the two towers and we were going ahead with the plan. We were going to the freight elevator of the south tower. We are at the top of the world. I see two slabs of concrete barely inhabited with some construction. No fence, no net, no nothing and I am frozen to death. I decided to attach the cable to what I believe was the strongest beam at the top of the roof and then I am going to tie the wire to here on the south tower. A cable between two buildings of a long distance sways. It goes up and down and there is almost an invisible move which is a torsion on itself so I had to make a decision of shifting my weight from one foot anchored to the building to the foot anchored on the wire. This is probably, I do not know, probably the end of my life to step on that wire and on the other hand something that I could not resist. I start walking as a wire walker who is studying his cable. Instead of doing an entire study of the cable for the whole land seeing the first capability and keep walking seeing the middle which is so soft and treacherous and seeing the second ability and it is. No, I do only go to the first ability and I know enough. Now I am going to perform.
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