by Fred Lowery

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Strong In Your Spirit (2 of 4)
Series: I'm Yours - How To Set Your Heart Free
Dr. Fred Lowery
Rom 8:5-8; Rom 12:1-2; Rom 7:21-24; Phil 2:5; Rom 8:9-11; Rom 8:9; Rom 8:12-13; Rom 8:14-16; Eph 5:18

We are in Romans 8, so if you want to find that in your Bible.

I hope you're reading Romans 8. In fact, I encourage you to read Romans 7 and 8 and decide which chapter you want to live in because most live in Chapter 7 when we need to be living in Chapter 8. The defeat is Chapter 7 - the misery but Chapter 8 is the glorious victory and what Paul is doing in Romans 8 is giving us God's guarantee and He's stands behind every guarantee --100% that we can walk in daily victory --that we can experience inner peace and inner joy and freedom; that our hearts can be set free and that we can have the fulfillment that we're longing for. In Christ, every believer; every believer in this room already has what he or she needs to walk in victory; to be set free and to have the fulfillment that God wants you to have. Last week, it was "I'm Yours - Safe in Your Grace"--no more damnation. It was grace that moved God; that God would save us from wrath; all grace, no damnation. Wrath was what we deserved but Christ paid the penalty so we're no longer damned; no longer condemned.

God's Riches At Christ Expense. I love that acrostic. God's Riches At Christ Expense. So last Sunday, "I'm Yours- Safe In Your Grace." Today, "I'm Yours - Strong In Your Spirit"-- Strong in Your Spirit; no defeat. Safe in your grace -- no damnation. Strong in your Spirit - no defeat and we're going to look at verses 5 through - well -- I started to say 5-17…we'll never get there. I know me better than that but we'll start because we've been set free; we've been delivered through Jesus Christ -- victory over the flesh. In Christ we receive acquittal from our sins, no longer damned but also in Christ we receive access to divine power. That means no longer defeated; no longer damned; no longer defeated and ...

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