by Kerry Shook

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God's History Lesson (2 of 3)
Series: Sexology - The Study of True Intimacy
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• James 1:14,15 (NASB)

Lust is the cheap imitation of love

Our God-given hunger is for intimacy


• Job 31:1 (NLT)



We're in a series that I'm calling Sexology - The Study of True Intimacy because we are being constantly bombarded by sexual messages from society that are lies that are tearing marriages and families apart. But we also get bad theology from churches and some Christians who say sex is wrong, sex is bad and sex is dirty. We talked last week how, in marriage, sex is not bad, sex is not just good, sex is not just great, but sex is sacred. It's a sacred and beautiful gift of God reserved for the marriage relationship. We are sort of, over these three weeks, going to school on sex. We're learning some lessons from the expert, God. He's the one who created this gift. He knows how He wants us to use it. Today I want to do something really unique. I want to take you on a field trip to learn a very important lesson. Don't get worried. You're not going to have to fill out permission slips from your parents. You're not going to have to get on to a school bus. I'm going to take you, right now, out on a field trip to learn a very important lesson. So, let's go.

When I was in grade school I used to love going on field trips. It didn't really matter where we went just as long as we got out of school for the whole day. Well, I think our teachers, though, understood it was important to get us out of the classroom every once in a while and sort of get us into a new environment where we could learn some very important lessons. That's what I wanted to do today is to get you out of the church building a little while to learn one of God's most important lessons on life and love. That's why I've taken you down here to this river because there is a lot you can learn about life from a river. A river reminds me a lot of marriage. It's so beautiful, and yet, it's so unpredictable. The river of marriage takes all these twist and turns and you never quite know what's up around the bend. Have you ever gone on a float trip down the river? There are times when you go on a float trip where the water is moving just perfectly where you don't have to paddle and use any energy at all and you're not going over rapids so it's not scary at all. You can just kick back, relax and just enjoy the beauty of the river. That's the way it is in marriage many times. It's so relaxing and it's so beautiful and everything is just going along perfect, it's smooth sailing, but it's not always like that on the river. And it's not always like that in marriage. There are times when you hit the rapids.
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