by Kerry Shook

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God's Foreign Language Course (3 of 3)
Series: Sexology - The Study of True Intimacy
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• Gen. 2:25 (NIV)


• Gen.3:7 (NIV)


• 2 Cor. 3:13 (Msg)


• Matt. 27:50,51 (NASB)


Kerry Shook: Chris and I were in Germany a few years ago, and we were visiting one of those romantic castles, and we took a carriage ride to the castle and on the way we were in the carriage with an elderly German couple that was just very nice, very warm, very friendly. In fact, she started a conversation; and of course speaking only in German, and she was saying something that seemed so important that I didn't want to admit that I was just a stupid American who only knew one language, and we carried on a conversation for about ten minutes where all I did was smile and nod my head, and I had absolutely no idea what she was saying, and I think in many marriages the husband and the wife have no idea what each other are saying. Chris Shook: That's right, in many marriages the husband and the wife may as well be speaking different languages.

Kerry: Chris and I are concluding the series we've been in the last several weeks that I'm calling Sexology, The Study of True Intimacy, as we've been going to school on sex and learning from the one who designed this beautiful and divine gift, and I believe the number one thing that hinders true intimacy is communication problems. In many marriages, husbands and wives are speaking foreign languages. Chris: Whenever we travel to another country, I always have this grand plan to learn the language before we go, and so for a few weeks before we leave, I will have my I-pod on with headphones at home listening or have language tapes on in the car which drives my kids crazy, and I try to learn the language. And, I get down a few basic things like please and thank you, hello, good bye, chocolate - all the things I feel like I really need to get by in another country. But, inevitably, what happens is I learn just enough to really get myself into trouble, because when I arrive in a country I meet someone and I'm so proud and I, in their language, say hi, my name is Chris. What's your name? How are you doing? And then they just let loose with all these answers, and they always talk really fast, and then I have to, in humiliation, admit that I just used up every single word that I know in that language, and I can't go any farther. But, every time I try again; and I know that sometimes husbands feel like they know just enough of their wife's language and they get into trouble. It's pretty dangerous. They feel like they have the language mastered, when really they never got passed hello.
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