by Fred Lowery

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Joseph's Story (1 of 4)
Series: Christmas Is Real
Dr. Fred Lowery
Matt 1:18-25; Matt. 2:14; Matt 2:21; 1 Kings 2:1-3

Christmas! I love Christmas, don't you? I love everything about. I can't wait until tonight. I just get excited about Christmas and all that it involves. The question - Is Christmas real or is it fantasy? Is it- is it imagined or is it fake? There are 2 extremes: one is to commercialize Christmas. Now, we're all aware of that. I mean, it's - it's everywhere. When Satan eclipses the Saviour and -and we don't like that but there's another extreme that's a trap for us even more than the commercialization of Christmas, I think and that is the spiritualizing Christmas. So, it's all about, you know, this fairy tale and fantasy and fun and food and parties and presents and decorations and door prizes and trees and tinsels and just a wonderful experience---it's a magical thing that's so much fun and it's like a fairy tale that lasts for a few days. It's easy to get caught up in that. When really a time--Christmas should be a time of unbelievable worship-amazing gratitude--total obedience. Christmas is real. It's the antithesis of a fairy tale; the opposite of a fairy tale. The Christmas story is not only the greatest story ever told in the history of the world but it is a real story of real people who have real struggles, real problems, real questions, real needs. God came down! God became flesh. The wicked King Herod was real. I mean, he was really a bad dude. The shepherds, the wise men were real. Mary and Joseph were real people whose dreams were suddenly shattered and - and thrust them on this roller coaster ride with sharp turns and a cliff looming in the distance; all kinds of questions swirling through their minds.

Today, some of you have come into this room with real problems- real situations that you have so many questions about. Maybe it's a marital problem and Christmas sometimes stirs up problems that have been there all the time but ...

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