by Fred Lowery

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Mary's Story (2 of 4)
Series: Christmas Is Real
Dr. Fred Lowery
Luke 1:28-40; Luke 1:11-18; Isa. 7:14; Eph 1:6

Did you enjoy that song, ''Immanuel''? I tell you these girls are such pros, I - they just stay so calm. I would've said, ''What are y'all doing? What is happening?'' So a - but they are pros. They can just stay calm, but I would appreciate it if that wouldn't happen while I'm preaching.

We are in the Christmas story and last week it was Joseph and today it is Mary and Luke 1 of you would take your copy of the Scripture and find Luke 1. As we talked about last week Christmas is real. The Christmas story is about real people with real questions, real problems, real struggles, real needs. Mary was a real girl who grew up playing wedding and looking forward to her own fairy tale wedding. As you know I have girls and maybe it's just because I do - do so many weddings and they use to go to weddings with me but my girls played wedding all the time and I mean they would - they would switch around and walk down the aisle and then be the preacher; they would do the whole thing but they would play wedding and all their lives they looked forward to that fairy tale wedding that they would one day have. Mary, no different. She lived in Nazareth - a remote, tight-knit community where everybody knew everybody else and it was like family and that was good because they - they looked out for one another but it was bad in that they knew everybody's business. So gossip happened often in those little places. In those days when - when a young girl reached a certain age, much younger than today, the father begin to look for a man; a husband as a potential ''the guy'' for his daughter and so one day the father introduced a young man and a young girl, Joseph and Mary. He picked out Joseph, this young man, the son of Jacob. He was from Canaan- about 2 miles walking distance from Nazareth and Joseph the son of a carpenter; Mary's father, a stone mason. Perhaps they work ...

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