by Kerry Shook

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Omniscience (2 of 3)
Series: The DNA of God
Pastor Kerry Shook

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God knows everything about everything

• Psalm 139:1-4 (NIV)

• He sees every action

"You know when I sit and when I rise; You perceive my thoughts from afar."

• He hears every word

"Before a word is on my tongue You know it completely, O LORD."

• He knows every thought

"I'm an open book to You; even from a distance, You know what I'm thinking."
(The Msg)


• Rom. 5:8 (The Msg)


I remember those days in school when I would try out for the sport's team. I remember trying out for the basketball team in high school. Every day at practice there was only one person who I cared about and that was the coach. All I cared about was the opinion of the coach. I remember when I would make a bad pass I would always look over to see if the coach was watching and I would hope he wasn't watching because if he saw it I thought, oh, my heart would just sink and I would think that's a mark against me. But if the coach wasn't watching I thought hey, it didn't count. My mistake didn't count at all. Then there would be times that I would make a good pass or make a good shot and I would look over to see if the coach was watching and if the coach was watching I thought yes, it counted. But if the coach wasn't watching I would be so frustrated because it wouldn't count at all because all that mattered was the opinion of that one person, the coach. It reminds me of God. We are in this series of the DNA of God. Today I want to talk about God's omniscience. I'm out here at the Toyota Center where the Rockets are getting ready to play the Dallas Mavericks. It's out here on this court that there will be two of the best coaches in the NBA. Jeff Van Gundy for the Rockets and, of course, our very own Avery Johnson. We just love Avery, Cassandra and the kids at Fellowship of The Woodlands. Avery was the NBA Coach of the Year last year and led the Mavericks all the way to the conference and they won that and then to the NBA Finals. But, those coaches, will see everything that goes on. Now, they don't see everything that goes on in practice because they are human beings, but God, the great coach, sees everything. He sees everything that we go through, everything we do and He sees it all. Now the interesting thing about that is, every weakness we have He sees. Every fault we have He sees. Everything we do He sees, but every good thing we do He sees as well. Nothing escapes His notice. He's omniscient. That means He knows everything. What I want to do today is talk about God's omniscience and how it relates to me. Even though God knows everything about me, He knows when I mess up and when I make mistakes. He also sees when I do good.
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