by Kerry Shook

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Omnipotence (3 of 3)
Series: The DNA of God
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• Revelation 19:6 (KJV)

• Matthew 28:18 (NCV)

I let God be God when:

1. I'm believing God for great things in my life

• Jeremiah 32:17 (NLT)

• John 3:30 (KJV)

2. I'm praying to God about the details of my life


Think outside the box. That's the overused catch phrase in business today. If I'm going to be a problem solver then I'm supposed to think outside the box. To be innovative I need to think outside the box. We are always thinking outside the box. Then why do we always have so much trouble with that when it comes to God? Not only do we have trouble thinking outside the box about God, but most of the time we try to put God in a box. We try to make Him fit into our own little image of who we think God is rather than discovering who He really is. Pascal said God created people in His image on the sixth day and every day since people have returned the favor. The Bible says we were made in the image of God. The problem today is we are trying to make God into our own image. We're trying to put God into our own little box where everything fits so nicely and neatly into our image of God. There are so many false images out there about who God is. Some people when they think of God have the image of a kindly grandfather. He's caring and sweet, but he's really old, tired and powerless. He'd like to help you, but he can't. He has no power. Other people when they think of God they have the image of a CEO of a major corporation. He's up in his corner office in an ivory tower busy running the universe and he has no time for you. Other people, when they think of God, have the image of an angry judge. He gets some perverse enjoyment out of dealing out harsh punishment. He wants to make your life miserable and steal all your fun. He's always watching to see if you are going to make a mistake so he can throw the book at you. He's an angry judge. Other people, when they think of God, have this image of a Star Wars God. Some impersonal force out there in the universe. They say everything is really God. The trees are God, the sky is God, rocks are God. Everything is God because God is this impersonal force out in the universe. But the most common false image of God that we have is the image of ourselves. That's really the reason we try to put God into a box. There is only room for one God and if God is out of the box I can't be God. We try to contain and control God so that we can be in control. But you can't put God in a box. You can't contain God. You can't control God. Last weekend I showed a video interview I did with Avery Johnson, the coach of the Dallas Mavericks.
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