by Jerry Branch

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To Know Jesus Leads to Obeying Jesus; and You won't Surprise Him (4 of 5)
Series: Life-Lessons from Jesus' Encounter with the Woman at the Well
Jerry Branch
John 4:15-28

These past few weeks, we?'ve been looking at several LIFE-LESSONS that Jesus teaches us from His Encounter with the Woman at the Well as is recorded in the Gospel of John.

Short Recap:
In the first part we learned that we need to be open to go wherever God lead us, even when it?s not exactly a comfortable place to go?

In the second part, we learned that not only do other people put up smoke screens to hide their real intentions or thoughts, but so do we, and these smoke screens need to be realized for what they are.

And then last week we saw that Jesus is the ONLY One Who can give Real refreshing, and real salvation.

This week we?'ll start with verse 16.

Here in verse 16, we see Jesus giving the woman a command...

He tells her to go get her husband and then come back.

Now...Remember now that Jesus is in fact, God Himself, Who is known to us as God the Son...

and since we know that God is all knowing (Omnish-ci-ent) , so is Jesus because He is all God,...

So Jesus does in fact know exactly what the woman is going to say even when He issues this command? go get her husband.

In fact, what she is about to say, won'?t even shock Jesus one little bit.

There are actually 2 LIFE LESSONS seen here which I want us to look at for a moment.

First off, is how well do we...and I'm talking about those of us who are already followers of Jesus...

How well do we actually OBEY Jesus when He tells us to do something?

In other words,
Do we obey quickly,
or do we drag our feet,
or do we maybe even try to do a "uh, Lord...Can't we just talk about this a bit first? (Sort of like how Moses did when The Lord wanted Moses to go back to Egypt and lead the Israelites out)...

With our Samaritan Woman at the Well, though, we'd be wrong to criticize her becau ...

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