by Jeff Schreve

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Is the Bible Really True? (3 of 7)
Series: Now That's a Tough One: Answering the Difficult Questions of Life
Jeff Schreve
Genesis 3

Well, we've been in a series on Sunday nights entitled, ''Now That's a Tough One: Answering Life's Difficult Questions.'' And we've talked about some difficult questions that people often ask as those questions relate to life and as they relate to God.

We asked the question that so many ask, ''Why do bad things happen to good people? And we looked at reasons why bad things happen to good people and how God works through the bad to bring about good. We talked about ''How to know for certain that you're a believer,'' and, ''Can you lose your salvation.'' Lots of people wonder, Can I lose my salvation? We talked about that. And tonight, we want to look at this tough question, ''Is the Bible really true?''

I heard about a 9 year-old boy. His name was Joey. And he went to Sunday school. And after Sunday school, his mother said to him, ''Now, Joey, what did you learn in Sunday school.'' And he said, ''Well, the teacher talked about Moses, and we learned how Moses went in behind enemy lines in Egypt and gathered up all the Israelites. And he pulled them out of Egypt in the night, and he took them out into the wilderness. And, then, he built a bridge and they went across a bridge on the Red Sea. And, then, he radioed for help. And they bombed the bridge before the Egyptians could get over, and he saved the day.'' And she said, ''Your Sunday school teacher taught you that?'' And he said, ''Well, no, not really. But if I told you what they told me, you'd never believe it!''

Is the Bible really true? I mean the stories in the Bible that you read in Genesis. Was Adam really a real person? Eve? Did everything start with those two people? Was there really a serpent in the Garden? Was there really a tree? Was there really a disobedience that caused the fall of all humanity? Was there really a Noah? Was there really an ark? Was there ...

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