by Jeff Schreve

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Series: Growing Strong
Jeff Schreve
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There was a survey done recently, just in the last few weeks, actually. And here was the survey question: Which celebrity would you most like to live next door to? Number one on the list was Timothy Richard Tebow. Tim Tebow won the Heisman Trophy when he was a sophomore in college at the University of Florida. His four-year career at the University of Florida, he won two national championships. He is currently the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos, a dynamic Christian. He stands up for his faith. He's an amazing guy.

This new book is out. My wife got it for me for Christmas. And my daughter grabbed it. Amy grabbed it first and she read it all, and she was telling me all about it. And so I've started reading it. It's called, ''Through My Eyes,'' and it's the story of Tim Tebow. And he talks in his book about growing up and being so competitive. He had two older brothers. And just from the time he was a little guy, he said he can remember when he was 4 years old. He asked his dad if he could start lifting weights at 4 years old. That's amazing. His dad said, ''No, you can't lift weights. You're 4 years old.'' And so he got these rubber bands, these stretchy surgical tubes and began to pull on those and work his shoulders. And then as he got a little older, he would do pushups, and he would do sit-ups. He said, ''Every day I did 400 pushups and 400 sit-ups.'' He said, ''I was pushing my dad all the time, 'Can you get me some weights? I'd like to start lifting weights.''' He's like, ''No, you're 8 years old. We're not going to do weights yet.'' He said, ''You have to have your first zit before I'll get you weights. Seriously! So he said his dad finally got him some weights. And he would work so hard.

Well, he was getting ready to go into the 9th grade. And he was already well known as a great baseball player, a great football player. Man, this kid is big and strong and he's got ...

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