by Jeff Schreve

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The Good News About Bad Times (4 of 8)
Series: Growing Strong
Pastor Jeff Schreve
James 1:1-4

In 1972, a lady that not very many people have heard of, Judith Viorst. She was a mom of three boys. She's an author. She was a journalist. She'd written some books. And in 1972, she wrote and published a children's book that took off like wildfire. It was one of those things that you just can't explain. It's just like everybody began to buy this book, and everybody began to like this book. And, I dare say, there are quite a few people in this room, you might own a copy of this children's book. It's only 32 pages. It's called "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day." Anybody have that book? All right, you know, it's an interesting little book. This is what it says on the back: "Alexander knew it was going to be a terrible day when he woke up with gum in his hair. And it got worse. His best friend deserted him. There was no dessert in his lunch bag. And on top of all that, there were lima beans for dinner and kissing on TV." I mean it doesn't get any worse than that for a 10 year-old. And if you've read this book, you know that he wants to go to Australia. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No-good, Very Bad Day."

Did you know - I did a little research on this - that this thing took off like wildfire, as I said. In 1990, they did a television special on this little 32-page children's book. That happened in 1990. And then, in 1998, they did a musical, theatrical production that they did around the country based on this little book. Amazing! Don't you wish you had thought about writing a book about your kid having a bad day? I mean it's like man, if you've read it, you think, I could have written that. But you didn't, and neither did I. She did. And she experienced a lot of benefit from writing this book.

Now how come this book is so popular? How come people say, "Man, I like this? I want to read this. I like the pictures and everything in ...

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