by Jeff Schreve

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The Way to Pray Part 1 (6 of 8)
Series: Growing Strong
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Matthew 6:9-15

Breathing - it's really important to life, isn't it? Anybody in here not breathing? Everybody here is breathing. It's critical. If you're not breathing, you're in serious trouble. Breathing is important to physical life. You know what is important to spiritual life? You know what is breathing, spiritually? It's this thing called prayer. Prayer is where you breathe in the very presence of God and you share your heart with God. Prayer is to the Christian life what breathing is to physical life.

Now lots of people, when we talk about prayer, lots of people think, Well, prayer - that's an easy thing to do. I mean, it's not very complicated. But, you know, the truth of the matter is, for a lot of us, we don't really understand prayer, and we don't really do very well with prayer, and we're not really sure about prayer. We get confused when it comes to prayer. And so many of us, we pray before we go to sleep and we fall asleep. Now there's nothing wrong with talking to the Lord and falling asleep, but if that's your only prayer time, then that's going to be a problem. You remember that was a problem for the disciples when Jesus said, "Remain here with Me; watch and pray." And they fell asleep. Their eyes were heavy. And Jesus said, "Could you not stay awake? Could you not keep watch for one hour?"

Maybe you're here today and you say, "You know what? This is a sermon on prayer, and this is going to be really convicting for me because I don't pray very well.

And you know it's just one of those things." For most of us, if we look into our hearts, we'd say, "Oh, prayer is not a very strong area in my life, and I need to pray more." Listen. God doesn't want us to come and be just beaten down because we're not doing well. He wants to teach us. He wants to encourage us. If you're here and you're struggling with prayer, you're in good company, because the disciples struggled ...

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