by Ron Cox

Powerful Prayer for a Needy Nation
Ron Cox
Daniel 9: 2-16

Daniel is a very intense book. In this chapter, Daniel is reading the word of God, the book of Jeremiah. He has found something and he is learning something. As I look at this passage and see what God is doing through Daniel and I see the principles laid out, it helps me understand how I should pray for our nation.

Our President is back in for another 4 years now. Whether you like him or not, his policies etc., the Democrats, the Republicans or whatever...I don't agree with any of them much...but I am concerned about the direction that our country is going. I am nervous as a pastor, dad...a Christian. People say, Well you shouldn't talk about all that in the pulpit. I disagree because when a man stands before a nation and says this is what I want to do...I believe he is serious about it and means it.

So if his policies don't line up with the bible, I am concerned about it. My generation is still looking back to 1973 and saying...where was our parents, grandparents when the abortion issue came up? Why didn't they take a stand? The next generation will be standing up saying...where were we when the Homosexual issue came up? Steady decline or morality that will destroy our nation if we do not stand! Remember the principle…

"If its wrong to do it, its wrong to support it!"

I still believe that if we pray more than we gripe...we can see great things happen with our country. The truth is, we can sit around the water cooler, sit around the house, moan and groan at church...and dog people out because they are not doing this or that...but the truth is...God's people need to be on their knees! And we need to be focused on prayer to God for our nation.

Daniel as you know went through a lot in his life...but one of the things we see is that Daniel is a prayer warrior. Because he was into trouble. Had problems with the leadership, not the lions…

See for a moment ...

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