by Jerry Watts

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The Need for an Awakening (2 of 12)
Series: Aiming at an Awakening
Jerry Watts
Isaiah 6:1-9

• There is a story about Billy Graham when he was young in the ministry. He was in this unfamiliar city and was going to preach. He was there that day and wanted to mail a letter but he couldn't find the Post Office. On his way he saw this kid and asked him "Hey little boy," he said "do you know where the Post Office is?" And the boy said "I sure do." He told him how to get there so Billy thanked him and then said "Hey I am preaching this evening at First Baptist Church. If you come I will tell you how to get to heaven." The little boy said "I don't think I am going to come, you don't even know how to get to the Post Office."

• Candidly, as funny as that might be, Dr. Graham has indeed pointed millions into the Kingdom. After a half-century of ministry, Dr. Graham was asked this question: "What is the greatest need in our churches today?"

• Before I give you HIS answer let me offer that different people give many different answers for this question. Some say that the greatest need of the church is to be relevant or the church must take up more social issues or we need sound preaching or we need to see the holiness of God. Dr. Graham said, "The greatest need in the church today is Spiritual Revival or Spiritual Awakening."

• But we have a problem. Most of us see that the country is in need of revival, that the church is in need of a revival, but the average person doesn't see HIS need.

• For the next five weeks I am calling on you to look at you! We are given to thinking about how badly 'others' need this. It's time for us to stop thinking, "If they'd been here preacher, you'd a got'em!" Candidly, you are here and bluntly, "I don't 'got'em', but God does." Just like the ole spiritual says, "It's not my brother, it's not my sister, but it's ME, O Lord!" You might fool all of the people some of the time or some of the people all the time, but ma ...

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