by Jerry Watts

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The Nemesis of an Awakening (4 of 12)
Series: Aiming at an Awakening
Jerry Watts
Acts 4:31-5:10

• My heart's desire is to see God show up and show out during the next month. I pray that He will draw us so close to Him that we look like Him. Wayne Watson wrote these words, "One day Jesus will call my name. As days go by I hope I don't stay the same. I wanna get so close to Him that it's no big change. On the day that Jesus calls me name." When our lives are awakened to Christ, we become like Him.

• Praying to this end, I ask God for direction that would point us toward this end. As I wrote down words, read scripture, and began to sense God's leading - this word "Nemesis" came to mind.

• Dictionaries give different definitions for nemesis but the definition which paint a picture for us is "A seemingly unbeatable rival" or 'An opponent or rival who cannot be overcome.'

• One writer said that a nemesis is like a 'waterloo.' Now we know about that term. The powerful Napoleon came to the Battle of Waterloo THINKING he was invincible.

• What is it that could be the "Nemesis", the seemingly unbeatable opponent to a Spiritual awakening happening in every heart and life? As I understand God's word, the Nemesis, obstacle, and bottleneck for an awakening is found in our "spirit." Please understand that sin is always the thing which separates us from God and His renewing, reviving, and refreshing spirit, but never lose sight of the fact that sin begins in our spirit. It is true Isaiah 59 tells us our 'sin has separated us from God' but it is also true that Psalm 66 speaks of the heart sin.'

• Some people will scoff at the idea that their personal and private sin can stand in the way of corporate revival, but those folk show their ignorance of God's word. Just one for instance is found in the book of Joshua as he records the sad story of Achan. When God confronted Joshua, He said, "ISRAEL has sinned!" All of Israel were held accountable. Dear ...

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