by Jerry Watts

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The Never of an Awakening (6 of 12)
Series: Aiming at an Awakening
Jerry Watts
James 4

• Two words in the English language are overused and thus misused in daily conversation. These words are 'always' and 'never'. You can just about take it to the bank that when someone interjects these words in a conversation, they have simply overstating their case to 'strengthen their position.' She 'always' does this or he 'never' does that are but cases which are overstated.

• However, based on many instances in God's word, it would seem that there are several people and attitudes in which God will never send a spiritual awakening. It will serve us well to acknowledge or name these, put them in our mind and avoid becoming one.

• Of all the books in the Bible, James is the most practical. It is the 'how to' book. The half brother of Jesus writes chapter 4 to shed some light on how people get estranged from God and how they can return to God. Let's read all 15 verses.

• Let me begin with two thoughts: First, because of the negative nature of this message I don't care to 'brow-beat' us so I intend to keep this brief. But don't make the mistake of equating my brief message with this being unimportant for I believe this message is extremely important, pointed, and contemporary. Second, we are going to speak of Awakening Killers and Awakening Kindlers, so the question is before us, "Where do you fit?"

1. Awakening Killers - In the deep parts of my heart, based on a thoughtful study of God's word, I sense there are some attitudes and actions (n church) which will hold back God's spirit.

• We don't like to think about this and love to say, "God goes and does whatever He wants whenever He wants to do it." I don't argue with that, He is God and we're not. But here's what I know: I have never been a witness to God breaking or going against His word. These are attitudes which also can be people and can kill the spirit of awakening. They are:

a. The ...

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