by Jerry Watts

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The Necessity of an Awakening (9 of 12)
Series: Aiming At an Awakening
Jerry Watts
Proverbs 29:18

• Proverbs 29:14 is an often quoted and very well-known verse. (Well, at least the first part of it is). The most common reading is from the KJV. (READ) For years, I like other church growth proponents, have found in this verse the motivation to seek God for a 'vision' or 'future direction' of the church. Because God's word is living and powerful, it seems to me this is a correct application of the words of the writers.

• However, a close study of this verse reveal that hidden inside these words are nuggets of truth which holds answers to the dilemma in which we find ourselves today. I've titled this message, "The Necessity of an Awakening" because I believe that this nation, culture, church, and our community are all in a crisis. Furthermore I believe that this crisis will not be solved or resolved by the government or by legislation. I believe that we MUST AWAKEN SPIRITUAL or suffer the final judgment of God. Please consider the following:

1. The Conditions we face - Have you really taken an honest look around at our country.

a. Trouble is winning out - This doesn't sound very spiritual because, as believers, we know that ultimately God will win over trouble and evil. While this is certainly true for eternity, today Satan is having a heyday. The USA is committing moral suicide. Actually, we are experiencing the law of sowing and reaping first hand. The escalation of moral problems abounds; pornography, adultery, divorce, abortion, alcoholism, and homosexuality are all accepted parts of our local culture. This is to say nothing of the church struggles.

• The average church today has had more fights and split than a champion boxer. Jesus tells us that the world should know by our love and unity - and to mention these things today brings a snicker. I submit that one reason trouble is winning out in the world - is because it is winning o ...

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