by Jerry Watts

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The Norm for an Awakening (11 of 12)
Series: Aiming For an Awakening
Jerry Watts
1 Samuel 7:1-11

• Today, we are talking about the 'norm' for an awakening. This week we will begin the time for which we have be praying and planning for almost 2 full months. I am asking us to double our efforts this week in praying for God to do something special here.

• To begin, 'let's have a little humor with a little truth. A web site posted an anonymous writer's poem entitled "Little Christians" on the Internet. It recounts the dramatic growth of a church after a steep decline and a loss of members:

• 10 Little Christians came to church all the time, 1 fell out with the preacher and then there were nine.

• 9 Little Christian stayed up late, one slept on Sunday and then there were eight.

• 8 Little Christians on their way to heaven, one took the low road and then there were seven.

• 7 Little Christians chirping like chicks, one didn't like the singing and then there were six.

• 6 Little Christians seemed very much alive, one took a vacation and then there were five.

• 5 Little Christians pulling for heavens shore, one stopped to take a rest and then there were four.

• 4 Little Christians each as busy as a bee, one got his feeling hurt and then there were three.

• 3 Little Christians couldn't decide what to do, one couldn't have his way and then there were two.

• 2 Little Christians each brought one more, now don't you see 'two and two make four.'

• 4 Little Christians worked early and late, each one brought one now there were eight.

• 8 Little Christians if they double as before, in just seven Sundays we have 1024!

• The message of Christ is still; since you are going into the world anyway, be my witnesses. Yet so few do so much while so many do so little - and the result is; the job is not getting done.

• So the question is: how does this change? How does our heart get re-engaged in the work of the Father? What exactly is ...

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