by Jerry Watts

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The Natural Response to an Awakening (12 of 12)
Series: Aiming For an Awakening
Jerry Watts
Acts 2

• When John Wesley was traveling around and preaching the gospel, he came to one village, where he asked if he could preach in the service on Sunday. The minister of the church refused because he, along with many others of the day, believed Wesley to be a heretic. So Wesley went to the cemetery, and stood on one of the tombstones, and preached to the crowd that gathered to hear him - the largest congregation the town had ever seen. He did this night after night, preaching also at several of the surrounding villages. Many people were saved, and lives were changed. Some of their angry neighbors seized an entire wagon-load of these new heretics and took them before a magistrate. When the magistrate asked what they had done, there was a deep silence, because no one had thought about that. Finally, someone said, "They pretended to be better than other people," while another said, "They prayed from morning to night." One man said, "They have converted my wife. Till she went among them she had such a tongue, and now she is quiet as a lamb!" When the magistrate heard this, he proclaimed, "Take them back! Take them back, and let them convert the entire town!"

• Tonight I would like us to focus on the natural response to or the results of a Spiritual Awakening. For weeks we have been hearing about the 'how-to' and 'how much it cost' of an awakening, but for a few minutes consider: "What if it happened, what would it be like? Consider that, as a church family we have spent 40 days privately praying for and 4 weeks hearing messages calling us to spiritual awakening; how like we are to those 120 souls who remained in the Upper Room for the 10 days asking God to do 'something?' They didn't know exactly what He wanted to do, but they trusted Him to do what was best for them and for HIM! As we arrive in Acts 2 - it happens! The unknown, unthinkable happens. ...

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